Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

About me

I am an experienced Counsellor and CBT Therapist and I currently practice in the Coventry and Warwickshire area.


I am passionate about helping people find a way of living their lives emotionally healthy and fulfilled. Everyone goes through difficulties at some point during their life and counselling is an effective way to help you through these difficult times. I offer and provide a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment which allows you to work through your difficulties.

I have experience of working with individuals who have a range of difficulties and issues including depression, panic attacks, loss and bereavement, low self-esteem, confidence issues and work related problems. I have specialised training, and a broad experience of working with individuals who have suffered from rape and/or sexual abuse, experienced in adulthood as well as childhood. I also have experience of working with IAPTs  NHS working with individual clients suffering from anxiety and depression.

A Note on COVID-19


Due to the spread of COVID-19 most of my clients have moved to online therapy over a platform called Zoom.  Although my practice in Warwick will remain open for my clients who find that working face to face is essential some may find it easier to work with me online.

I am able to provide treatments equally effective online and offline for individuals.

Concessions are also available for NHS Workers who have been affected by COVID-19



I have been with Linzi since last September, I was at my all time low in my life and I was broken ,she helped me pick up the pieces in my life with her friendly warm intellect and guide me with useful techniques and support. Linzi has helped me through my darkest times of my life. She is and is always a warm ,understanding and a valuable person,my time with her is coming to an end soon but I know ,the door  is always open if ever I needed her, I chose the right person to get my life back on track and find myself ,thank you Linzi for everything.

I cannot recommend Linzi enough. She has really helped me turn a corner. She makes you feel safe and there is no judgement. She guides you and is with you every step of the way. I can't thank her enough.